Linda Morales – Founder and President

With over 30 years of experience on both the pharmaceutical and life sciences education side of the business, Linda brings a depth and breadth of knowledge to HCI’s learning solutions. She started her career as a sales representative with Parke-Davis (now Pfizer). During her pharma career, Linda was promoted up the ranks to regional trainer, district manager, manager of training, and director of training. In 1995, she left Parke-Davis to start HealthCare Innovations (HCI). As the founder and president of HCI, Linda sets the approach of the company which has remained close to its roots by focusing on driving sales success through physician engagement. The greatest strength Linda brings to HCI comes from the fact that she “carried the bag” and provides real-life and practical experience.

Claude Beller – VP of Audio and Video Production

Recognized as one of the foremost experts in the field of health and medical media production, Claude brings over 30 years of experience to the field with a unique combination of medical knowledge, journalistic skill, and television production expertise. Claude has a keen ability to match informational scientific content with the interests and needs of diverse audiences, ranging from medical professionals to medical consumers and the general public.  He is the recipient of major awards for health and medical programming, including the prestigious FREDDIE Award (3 times).

After graduating Lafayette College with a degree in engineering, Claude attended Columbia University to get his MBA.  He then went on to study film and television production while working at NBC.  Initially producing a number of independent documentaries for public television, he began specializing in medical and health programs and became a series producer for Lifetime Medical Television, as well as a senior producer for Medical News Television and Time Life Medical.

Claude has also created video news releases from the American Heart Association, reaching an average audience of 18 million viewers, and produced segments for HealthWeek while releasing an audio program for WebMD on current research results.

Jane Margolez - VP of Interactive and Multimedia Services

Jane's career in media spans over a 15 year timeframe, creating compelling applications for medical and pharmaceutical training as well as educational and promotional materials for the medical community. Jane's team creates the overall look and feel of a wide range of HCI interactive products. Using text, data, graphics, sound, animation and other digital and visual effects, they create digital healthcare and learning materials that ensure learner engagement.

JR Hughes-Darsee, MD – Creative Medical Writer

JR Hughes-Darsee, MD, is a board-certified physician with specialty training in internal medicine, critical care, and cardiology.  After completing his specialty fellowships, JR taught both basic science and bedside clinical medicine at Harvard Medical School until he joined the private sector as a medical writer and educational program designer. 

Over the course of his career, JR has written and developed over 365 programs with an exclusive focus on medical education for professional and healthcare education for pharmaceutical sales representatives.  For the last 28 years, he has designed, written and produced medical education programs for organizations such as the National Institutes of Health, the American College of Cardiology, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Schering, Janssen, Pfizer, Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, GlaxoSmithKline, and many others.  While collaborating with colleagues from Netscape, JR helped establish Healtheon Corporation, which later became WebMD®.  He and several colleagues also started a new venture with the American Medical Association and other major medical associations called Medem®, which created healthcare education resources for over 50,000 physician practices.  Today, his primary focus is designing and writing training programs for pharmaceutical sales representatives and educational programs for physicians. 

Monty Morales, MD, FACC – Consultant Medical Officer

HCI maintains a consultant medical officer on staff to ensure the accuracy and current relevance of our recommended solutions to today’s changing medical training needs. A board-certified internist and cardiologist, Monty Morales, MD, is a principal at the Pima Heart Institute in Tucson, Arizona, where he practices today. He has over twenty years of experience as a practicing cardiologist. After completing his MD at the University of California in Irvine, he conducted his internal medicine internship, as well as his cardiology/sports medicine fellowship at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York.