Company Overview

HealthCare Innovations (HCI) is a full service learning organization focused on the life science industry. We create unique learning solutions for our customers that increase performance & drive business in the field.

Using interactive e-learning, print-based, workshops and blended learning strategies, HCI translates knowledge into performance, then extends your investment by designing reinforcement and sustainment to expand the knowledge and performance well beyond the "event".  After all - the real learning begins when the event ends!

That’s what we’re good at; we are also very talented at thinking outside the box to create training that engages and sticks with the learner.

Our goal? To work with you, our customer, to not only develop, but also to sustain the skills and knowledge of your learners. These learners – biopharmaceutical professionals, physicians, and other healthcare professionals (HCPs), as well as clinical researchers, must often learn technical and non-technical information. However, that learning does not have to be boring! We design interesting and engaging learning using multiple approaches (e.g., video, interactivity, application, case studies, workbooks, etc.) with the objective of knowledge retention and transfer of skills to the job with the overriding goal of achieving better outcomes for patients.

Some skeptics may be scratching their heads and asking how a learning solution can improve patient outcomes.  We say, “Good question.”

Biopharmaceutical Professionals

Impactful learning solutions provide industry professionals the opportunity to better understand a disease and treatment from the physician and patients’ point of view. This allows professionals to offer value and solutions to their customers rather than just sell a product. Knowing the science, being flexible and professional in their delivery, and adopting the physician’s point of view all help to establish clinical relevance and credibility with their customers.

Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)

When HCPs are learning new information about a disease or a product in an engaging, application-oriented and best practice sharing venue, they are more likely to take in the new knowledge or skill and apply it to their job and to appropriate patients.

Clinical Investigators

Effective learning around a new Phase III or Phase IV clinical trial will provide better understanding of the protocol, patients, exclusion criteria, and other nuances, which will have a direct impact on the quality of the clinical data that is recorded at the clinical site.

With this training goal in mind, HCI provides customized learning solutions for:

  • Sales professionals, sales management, and brand managers
  • Thought leaders/key opinion leaders (KOLs)
  • Physicians
  • Other HCPs (nurses, PAs)
  • Medical liaisons
  • Managed market account managers
  • Patients  

To have the greatest impact on patient outcomes and healthcare professionals’ training and education success, HCI focuses on the three areas outlined below: 


HCI approaches each of its learning solutions with the purpose of not just having a learning event or training program, but sustaining that learning by ensuring transfer of the learning or skill back to the job. Whether a paper-based learning module, an instructor-led workshop or symposium, or an interactive multimedia and application-oriented solution, we do our best to maximize your training investment by incorporating multiple elements into our learning solutions.  These include: 

  • Adult learning principles to engage learners of all generations
  • Setting expectations up-front and preparing the learners by discussing how the information can immediately be applied to their jobs
  • An integration of technical,  as well as non-technical, skills or knowledge
  • Multiple approaches and different exposures to learning including:
    • Written information
    • Auditory and visual learning, such as photos with voiceovers, video elements,animation, interviews, etc.
    • Application activities to challenge learners to apply the learnings to their own environments and job responsibilities, providing direct relevance to their roles
    • Knowledge and application games to engage the learner and not only reinforce the information, but also make the learning interesting and successful
    • Real-life scenarios and case study simulations to challenge the learner to apply the information to solve problems, make progress, and even make mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment
    • On-the-job tools (where appropriate) that learners can incorporate into their own environments to sustain the learning 
    • Hands-on activities, exercises, and role-plays
    • Assessments and certifications
    • Post-training reinforcement to sustain the learning

Our teams of experienced professionals personally work with you to design the best approach for the audience, content, and outcomes you are looking for in your learning initiative. 

HCI: Our Approach to Learning

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