“It was a slow, downhill slide” she said as she began her story about life with pancreatic cancer. Listening to her initial signs and symptoms, observing her diagnosis and various treatments, the learner is drawn into the real world journey of life with cancer. 

Whether your learners are hearing directly from a real patient as they explore his heart failure journey, walking in the shoes of a physician as they “tag” along and participate in the diagnosis and treatment of a disease, or observing how to incorporate a skill into their job as they view an interactive sales call, HCI works with clients to effectively use this powerful tool to engage, support and drive performance in the field. 

As they say – A picture is worth a thousand words – and in some cases, pictures that talk, express emotion and that tell a story are the most effective and compelling way to design your learner centered solution.  As a full-service learning organization, HCI offers an award winning production team that produces awesome video. 

Consider video for:

  • Communicating the patient’s journey
  • Challenging your representatives to “get inside their customer’s head” and understand their approach to diagnosis and treatment
  • Modeling selling conversations
  • Illustrating patient case studies to apply foundational information
  • Incorporate video into live workshops, eLearning, blended approaches such as blending online video with interactive online conversations, reinforcing concepts found within larger events or sending out small chunks of video to the learners to support and reinforce core concepts

Contact HCI to discuss innovative and effective ways to bring your learning to life with video.

HCI: Our Approach to Learning

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