Sustainable Learning Solutions

As learning professionals, we know that learning adds value only when it is used.  Unfortunately, with traditional approaches to learning design, the familiar scenario is - prework goes out, learners attend the training program, go back to work and do the same old thing.

Regrettably, research shows that up to 80% of the training and development investment is lost because the knowledge and skills gained in training are not fully applied by those learners on the job. 

Ask yourself – do you feel like an “Event Planner”? Are you running from one training to another, not sure of the impact after the event and on the business bottom line?  It’s time to change the finish line for your learning solutions and focus well beyond the event.  Because truly - the real work should begin when the event ends and the learners begin using the new knowledge and skills in front of the customer.

At HCI we:

  • Design and develop learning as a continuum – a journey
  • Focus on translating key knowledge and skills into improved performance on the job 
  • Design a strategic learning plan that focuses on learning transfer, sustainment and integration into job performance, protecting your learning investment

Become more than an “Event Planner”. Give us a call to discuss a strategic approach to your next learning project to drive performance and business results.

HCI: Our Approach to Learning

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